Driving While Texting Can Hurt Everyone– By: Liza K.

Driving while texting

People may think that new technology is a good thing, and it is…. but only to an extent. Now-a-days, 28% of all car accidents in the United States are caused by texting or talking on the phone. Only years ago doctors would ask young adults who are driving if they are using drugs, smoking cigarettes, not wearing seatbelts, or drinking alcohol. These days, doctors are asking young adults if they are talking on the phone while driving or becoming distracted by technology related items while driving.

The risk of getting into a car accident while driving distracted by technology  is four times more than the risk of driving drunk. According to Amy Ship, a MD, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at least 275 million people in the US. own cell phones and 81% of them talk on the phone while driving! A study stated that getting into an accident while texting was raised by a factor of twenty-three! People may wonder why driving while talking on a hands free device such as blue tooth is still more unsafe than talking to a traveler sitting next to you. Well, the reason is that people cannot and should not multi-task while trying to maneuver a car!

By driving while texting or talking on the phone you are putting everyone around you in danger, including the environment. If you crash into a tree you are damaging the roots of that tree and most likely killing it. Then the species that rely on this tree wont have a place to live or food to feed on putting them in danger of dying. So the next time that you get a text message from someone while driving, you must resist the urge to look at it. I’m sure that the person will understand if you don’t answer their text right away. If they do care tell them that looking at that text can put everyone around you in danger.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Should there be a law against driving while texting or talking on the phone? Why or why not?
  2. How many yards do you think you will go if you are driving distracted while on the phone or texting?
  3. Do you think that when you get your driver’s license they should make you sign an oath saying you wont drive and text?

~ by Student Entry on June 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Driving While Texting Can Hurt Everyone– By: Liza K.”

  1. Great article Liza! You wrote it really well and included a lot of statistics. It’s terrible that 28% of accidents in the United States happen from texting while driving. I never thought about how the environment can be affected from car accidents, true. But, it is very true. When I get my driver’s license, I hope they have an oath you have to sign that you won’t drive and text at the same time. Then, the roads will be a lot safer. Overall, great article!

  2. Great Job Liza! I see people talking and texting on their phone everywhere. I totally agree that it’s extremely dangerous! But I had no idea 81% of americans that own cell phones text/talk on it while driving! It’s extremely dangerous! Not only are they putting themself in danger but your right they’re putting thoughs around them in danger..not only humans but animals and plants as well!
    -Carly Z

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