New Theory on How Earth Formed: By Kara F.

Recently, scientists have been claiming a new theory to how the Earth was formed and its original energy source. Some are now debating that the source may have come from a compound called pyrophosphite or another option, pyrophosphate. All organisms depend on an energy transporting molecule called ATP to survive. ATPs store chemical energy that can later be used by organic matter. Researcher Terence Kee supports the theory. He says that you need enzymes to create ATPs and ATPs to create enzymes. Pyrophosphate has the similar ability to transfer energy without enzymes. However, it was not available in large amounts back then according to geological records. On the other hand, pyroposphite can almost always be found in iron meteorites. Although, it is much more rare than pyrophosphate, both compounds are still a logical theory, with only a few glitches. Research will be continued on both theories to find how which energy source the Earth may have really been formed from.



1) Which energy source do you think is more logical? Why?

2) How do you think the Earth formed? How?


~ by Student Entry on June 15, 2010.

One Response to “New Theory on How Earth Formed: By Kara F.”

  1. Really good article Kara! It’s really cool that scientists today can actually figure out how the Earth or anything else in the universe for that matter was formed. It all had to start somewhere! Overall, you did a fantastic job! =)

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