Salt Secrets–By: Madeline C.

When you look at your food, some ingredients are easy to see. For example, there is milk in your cereal, cheese on your pizza and peanut butter on your toast.  Salt is an example that you might not notice, even when you eat it a lot. You can see salt on pretzels, you can taste it on french fries and you can sprinkle it on green beans. Doctors have warned patients that too much salt is bad for your heart. 75 percent of the salt we eat is hidden in restaurant meals, fast food and processed foods. Loading up on salt- filled potato chips, hot dogs and canned tuna could also set children up for more health problems. Salt is made up of two elements: sodium and chlorine. Kids ages 9-12 should eat no more than 1,500 mg of sodium a day. Younger kids should get even less. The amount of sodium we actually need is about 500 milligrams.Getting used to eating less salt can take months. Salt can affect more than just your heart and weight. Be safe and watch how much salt you eat everyday!


1. What are some of your favorite foods that have a lot of salt?

2.What would  be healthy alternatives to your favorite salty foods?




~ by Student Entry on June 15, 2010.

One Response to “Salt Secrets–By: Madeline C.”

  1. That’s great Maddie! It was very factual and good information that I never knew. I never knew that there is chlorine in salt. From now on, I definitely will be watching out for how much salt I have. My favorite food that has a lot food that has a lot of salt is french fries. From now on, instead I can have baked potato or mashed potatoes. When you think about it, they are the same thing only french fries are prepared greasy and fattening and potatoes don’t have a lot of fatty ingredients. Overall, great job ! 🙂

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