Shifting Cold Weather– By: Liza K.

Snowy Winters In Europe

Due to global warming in the Arctic Circle the air pressure is altering in the North Pole as well as shifting the wind patterns on Earth. This means that the weather and climate of other environments will change because of the North Pole. Scientists are predicting that there will be more snowy and frigid winters in Europe, eastern Asia, and eastern North America. Some effects on other environments are the loss of sea ice. Without this sea ice polar animals don’t have places to hunt, such as polar bears. Polar bears feed off of the sea ice to catch their prey so if there isn’t any ice they do not have any food. In the video “Planet Earth,” a polar bear has to abandon its family to go find prey. It turns out that the bear cannot catch any food without the ice.

During the IPU-OSC (also known as the International Polar Year Oslo Science Conference) scientists were talking about how the climate of the Arctic Circle is shifting. There were at least 2,400 polar scientists there to discuss the changing of the Arctic and its findings. Because of the global warming caused by humans, the ice in the Arctic Circle is melting and the ice thickness is reducing. Also, the size of the Arctic ice is shrinking due to this greenhouse gases. This is causing much change in the climate. Dr Overland says that the very cold winters of 09-10 were caused by the process’ in the Arctic.

The Arctic is melting at least twice as fast as the rest of our planet Earth. This problem is also known as Arctic amplification. Amplification means the result of changing so Arctic amplification means the changing of the Arctic. These changes are occurring much faster than scientists predicted. unfortunately, scientists do not believe that the area will go back to its original form and conditions which can harm all the species who live in this area.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you think the population of the Arctic Circle will change?
  2. Do you think there is there any way to save the species who live in the Arctic Circle and are being effected by global warming?
  3. Why do you think that global warming is affected the Arctic Circle the most?

~ by Student Entry on June 15, 2010.

One Response to “Shifting Cold Weather– By: Liza K.”

  1. 1) The population of wildlife in the Arctic Circle will definitely decrease. These animals depend on the ice and the cold climate to survive. Because of global warming, these things are being taken away. Less habitats and living space means less Arctic wildlife.
    2) There are a few ways to save these species. For one, we could stop global warming and save the Arctic Circle. However, that will take a very long time, at least 50-100 years. So we could take the threatened species and hold them in captivity. We could breed them so that they son’t become extinct.
    3) Global warming has affected the Arctic Circle the most because there is a lot of ice in the Arctic Circle. All of this ice is melting because of increased heat.

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